St. Louis Cardinals Homer’s Landing

The St. Louis Cardinals Homer’s Landing is the name for the seating area just above the center field bleachers at Busch Stadium. The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Homer’s Landing above sections 501 through 503 in center field.

While the St. Louis Cardinals Homer’s Landing is technically the name of one specific section, fans commonly refer to both it and the Cardinals Left Field Landing seating area as related sections. Homer’s Landing is above the center field bleacher sections 501, 502, and 503 while Left Field Landing is between sections 167 and 170. Both Cardinals Landing areas offer inclusive snack buffets and beer throughout the game and can accommodate parties of up to 28 (for Left Field Landing) or 97 (for Homer’s Landing). All seats throughout the Cardinals Homer’s Landing and Cardinals Left Field Landing sections offer adequate views of the game, but fans will choose these seats for the relaxed, picnic-like atmosphere and unlimited snack and beer buffet.

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Cardinals Homer’s Landing and Left Field landing tickets are sold as both season tickets and individual game tickets. The Cardinals ticket prices page shows the current season price for tickets when purchased directly from the team. Given the high price of Cardinals Landing tickets relative to their below average views of the game, it is rare to find any Cardinals Landing tickets on the secondary market. Fans interested in the snack and beer buffet in the Cardinals Landing sections should contact the St. Louis Cardinals premium seating department for availability and specific game pricing.

St. Louis Cardinals Homer’s Landing

St. Louis Cardinals Homer's Landing
View of a St. Louis Cardinals Homer’s Landing within Busch Stadium