St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner’s Box

The St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner’s Box offers the closest seats to the field at Busch Stadium. The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Commissioner’s Box located immediately next to the Cardinals team dugout in the very front portion of section 141.

St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner’s Box seats provide the same view as the players in the dugout. A maximum of 30 fans can fit in the Commissioner’s Box and the Cardinals only sell Commissioner’s Box ticket in pairs. The Commissioner’s Box includes upgraded, cushioned seats, VIP parking, a special photo inside the Cardinals dugout, included in-seat food and beverages, and special events next to the field prior to the game. Cardinals Commissioner’s Box seats are the best seats available in Busch Stadium. Families with passionate, young baseball enthusiasts should give strong consideration to Cardinals Commissioner’s Box seats for special occasions as the experience is unforgettable for Cardinals fans.

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Cardinals Commissioner’s Box tickets are the most expensive options anywhere within Busch Stadium. The team uses a dynamic pricing system for single game tickets. Look at the current price of St. Louis Cardinals tickets for more details about Commissioner’s Box pricing. Cardinals Commissioner’s Box tickets are rarely offered on the secondary market due to the small number of tickets available in the seating area. Interested fans should call the Cardinals premium seating department as soon as possible to purchase tickets. All Cardinals Commissioner’s Box tickets are essentially equivalent, but popular games sell out weeks before the game.

St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner’s Box

St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner's Box
View of a St. Louis Cardinals Commissioner’s Box within Busch Stadium