St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes

St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes provide a unique view of every Cardinals home game from seats just behind each team dugout. The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Diamond Boxes immediately behind each dugout in the closest section to the field.

St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes near the Cardinals dugout are in the front portions of sections 140 through 145. Cardinals Diamond Boxes near the visiting team dugout are in the front portion of sections 155 through 160. See a picture and more information for each of the Diamond Box sections: Cardinals Section 140, Cardinals Section 141, Cardinals Section 142, Cardinals Section 143, Cardinals Section 144, Cardinals Section 145, Cardinals Section 155, Cardinals Section 156, Cardinals Section 157, Cardinals Section 158, Cardinals Section 159, and Cardinals Section 160.

The back portion of all sections containing Cardinals Diamond Boxes are occupied by Cardinals Infield Field Box seats. A portion of Cardinals Diamond Boxes were sold as personal seat licenses upon completion of the new version of Busch Stadium. The seats that were not sold as personal seat licenses are available for purchase each year as season tickets and then for individual game for remaining unsold seats. With a large portion of the best Cardinals Diamond Box seats sold out each year, it can be difficult to get the best seats right behind the team dugout or next to the field. Front row Cardinals Diamond Box seats are highly desirable and make for a great game experience.

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Cardinals Diamond Box tickets are sold as attachments to personal seat licenses, season tickets, and individual game tickets. Due to the Cardinals variable pricing for individual game tickets, Diamond Box ticket prices change based on the current price of St. Louis Cardinals tickets. Since only the worst seats within each Diamond Box section remain for individual game ticket sale, interested fans should search secondary market ticket brokers and ticket selling websites for the best deal on Cardinals Diamond Box tickets. Expect to pay more than face value for front section Cardinals Diamond Box tickets to most games with premium contests selling for as much as three times the price from the team.

St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes

St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes
View of the St. Louis Cardinals Diamond Boxes at Busch Stadium