St. Louis Cardinals Club

The St. Louis Cardinals Club, most commonly referred to as simply “The Cardinals Club”, include the best seats available at Busch Stadium. The Busch Stadium seating chart displays the Cardinals Club seats in sections 1 through 8 behind home plate.

St. Louis Cardinals Club seats are not available for purchase as individual game tickets or season tickets. All Cardinals Club seats were sold with personal seat licenses upon the construction of the current iteration of Busch Stadium. Every Cardinals Club personal seat license includes an obligation to buy season tickets for a specific Cardinals Club seat for every year the St. Louis Cardinals play at Busch Stadium. If the Cardinals Club personal seat licensee fails to buy season tickets, he/she loses the seat license. Cardinals Club seats are the best seats in Busch Stadium (with the possible exception of the Cardinals Commissioner’s Box premium seating area) and provide the best views of the game available in the ballpark. Cardinals Club ticket holders also receive access to the Cardinals Club dining room and lounge and VIP service throughout all aspects of every Cardinals Game. Cardinals Club seats are in rows from “A” through “J”, with row “A” seats commanding an incredible premium due to their status as the best seats in the venue.

Look at a picture from each of the sections in the Cardinals Club: Cardinals Club Section 1, Cardinals Club Section 2, Cardinals Club Section 3, Cardinals Club Section 4, Cardinals Club Section 5, Cardinals Club Section 6, Cardinals Club Section 7, and Cardinals Club Section 8.

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Cardinals Club tickets are only sold as full season tickets from the team premium ticket sales department. See the Cardinals ticket prices page for additional information on different ticket options. With no single game tickets sold by either the St. Louis Cardinals or Busch Stadium, fans interested in an individual game Cardinals Club ticket must shop at third-party ticketing websites. It it imperative to shop multiple ticket brokers or secondary market ticket sellers for the best prices and availability for Cardinals Club tickets for individual games. Fans interested in season-long Cardinals Club ticket purchaser should visit the St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark Founders Marketplace where personal seat licenses can be purchased from existing licensees.

St. Louis Cardinals Club

St. Louis Cardinals Club
View of the St. Louis Cardinals Club at Busch Stadium