Can I Bring Outside Food Into Busch Stadium?

Major League Baseball teams have strict policies regarding outside food and beverages being taken into a ballpark. So many St. Louis Cardinals fans ask: Can I bring outside food into Busch Stadium? The team has rules about outside food:

All fans entering Busch Stadium can bring in outside food for all games during the current regular season. Rules for post-season games are created in conjunction with Major League Baseball and may differ from regular season policies.

Outside food must generally be hand-carried or held in a small container or bag. The St. Louis Cardinals policies on bringing items into Busch Stadium [see What Can I Bring Into Busch Stadium?] still apply so fans cannot take large coolers or huge bags into the ballpark even if they only contain food.

Outside food taken into Busch Stadium must also be for personal use only. Guests are not allowed to sell or distribute food without the express consent of the Cardinals.

See the detailed Cardinals policy regarding outside drinks: Can I Bring Outside Drinks Into Busch Stadium?

Outside food is never permitted in any of the Cardinals premium seating areas, the Cardinals Club, or Cardinals Suites. In addition, no outside food is allowed into any of the seating areas that make up the Cardinals All-inclusive seats.

by Caitlin Tom