The St. Louis Cardinals play at Busch Stadium in Saint Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals ballpark is a superb venue to see a Major League Baseball game. Look at the St. Louis Cardinals seating chart to learn more about Busch Stadium and to find cheap St. Louis Cardinals tickets for the best St. Louis Cardinals seats.

Busch Stadium Seating Chart -

The St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium is split into a variety of seating areas located around the ballpark: Cardinals Premium Seating, Cardinals Party Suites, Cardinals Club, Cardinals Diamond Boxes, Cardinals Dugout Boxes, Cardinals Infield Field Boxes, Cardinals First Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Third Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Porch, Cardinals Home Redbird Club, Cardinals Infield Redbird Club, Cardinals First Base Loge, Cardinals Third Base Loge, Cardinals Right Field Loge, Cardinals Left Field Loge, Cardinals Infield Pavilion, Cardinals First Base Pavilion, Cardinals Right Field Pavilion, Cardinals Left Field Pavilion, Cardinals Infield Terrace, Cardinals First Base Terrace, Cardinals Right Field Terrace, and Cardinals Bleachers. The best St. Louis Cardinals seats are determined by the price you pay for a Cardinals ticket. St. Louis Cardinals tickets are sold through the Busch Stadium ticket window and the St. Louis Cardinals team website, but the best inventory of cheap Cardinals tickets for high-demand Cardinals games is available on the secondary ticket market. Look at for more information about the best St. Louis Cardinals tickets for the best St. Louis Cardinals seats at Busch Stadium.

Busch Stadium has been the home ballpark for the St. Louis Cardinals since 2006 when it replaced Busch Memorial Stadium. There have been three different venues named Busch Stadium in the St. Louis area with the Cardinals moving from the original Busch Stadium in 1966 to Busch Memorial Stadium which was torn down in 2006 to make room for the current version. The current Busch Stadium was built using a combination of public loan financing, private loans, and the balance from the Cardinals ownership.

The dimensions of Busch Stadium are:

  • 64 feet to the Backstop
  • 336 feet to Left Field
  • 375 feet to Left-Center
  • 400 feet to Center Field
  • 375 feet to Right-Center
  • 335 feet to Right Field

The capacity of Busch Stadium is 43,975 with more than 46,861 total fans allowed into the ballpark for sold-out games when standing room only crowds are included. See the Busch Stadium seating chart for a detailed seat map.

Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals
View of the front entrance to Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals